Sudoku Prime

 Train your Brain with 6000 Sudoku puzzles. Fast and Fluid Gameplay. Pure Sudoku.

Play 6000 free Sudoku puzzles from Easy to Expert, fast and fluid Gameplay, great solving tools.
Take advantage of the great tools we created to help you solve the hardest Sudoku.

Clean and simple classical Sudoku Game, free for you to use. Pure Sudoku.


★ 6000 puzzles.
★ 4 difficulty levels. (easy, normal, hard, extreme).
★ 40 Sudoku Books.
★ Timer.
★ Auto-Save.
★ Undo/Redo (in session).
★ Fast and Fluid Game Play.
★ 9X9 number panel.
★ Pencil marks/annotations, manual and automatic.
★ Highlighting to reveal patterns (Valid moves/Invalid moves).
★ Automatic error checking.
★ Add a Bookmark.
★ Cell highlighting.
★ Intuitive for beginners and experts.
★ Supports tablets and phones.
★ Average and Fastest time per Game, Book and Level.
★ No distract-iv graphics, clean and simple.
★ Supported by unobtrusive Ads.

This game is supported by unobtrusive Ads.
We use banners and occasionally, when you exit the game we ask if you want to see sponsored games.
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you required to pay to play. And you always have the option to ignore the advertising.

Thank you for playing Sudoku Prime.

Invasion Software Team

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