Pig Cow in Row

Pig Cow in Row

Tic Tac Toe just got bigger, choose the size and victory conditions of your game

Play Tic Tac Toe, 4 in Row, 5 in Row and other games with Pig and Cow.

Kids love it, but it also offers something for grown-ups with an advanced level of difficulty.

Pig Cow in Row is a fun way to interact with children or just have a good time while waiting in line.

The easy use of the game makes it ideal as a pedagogical game for teaching concepts as sportsmanship to kids.

The name of the game say’s all.


★ Tablet support.
★ (1) One player gameplay, human against Android device.
★ (2) Two player gameplay, human against human.
★ (3) Three difficulty levels.
★ 5 pre saved games
★ Create your own levels
★ Smart AI (We guarantee that the AI won't keep making the same moves over and over again.).
★ Random Factor (Sometimes the AI will make a "mistake" so you can win :) )
★ Great and cute Graphics.
★ Fun Animal Sounds.
★ Pig Vs Cow.

Don’t waste paper use this Game to play and have fun whit your Kids and Friends for Free.

Disclaimer: This game is free, it is financed using advertising in the form of ad banners and occasional suggestions for free games.

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